Some of the Most Popular Questions Asked of Any Commercial Cleaning Crew

When hiring a commercial cleaning company, you want to ensure you take the time to ask the right questions so you know you're getting the best company possible for your needs. Cleaning your facility may be more important than you realize; even though your cleaning crew doesn't help with production or run your office, having a dirty or unkempt facility can be a turnoff to potential clients and customers when they visit and can also be very uncomfortable for employees. Note some of the most popular questions asked of any potential commercial cleaning crew so you can address these with a prospective company yourself and hire the right company.

Can they price by the hour, by the job, or the square footage?

This is important to note because you may have special needs in your facility and want to ensure they're taken care of, even if you need to be charged an hourly rate or a special rate, versus a flat fee. If you're charged a flat rate based on the size of your office or warehouse, you may see that your cleaning services consist of just the basics; cleaning restrooms and vacuuming and perhaps not much else. However, if you want desks to be wiped down, light fixtures to be dusted, and so on, you may need to be given a personalized rate so these things can be done. But, not every cleaning company will provide such personalized services; this is why you need to ask this question when you are considering hiring a company. 

Is there a manager who accompanies the crew? How is the crew trained?

It's good to know if there will be a manager or overseer who at least inspects the work on a regular basis, so they can more readily address problems as they arise. Without a manager's oversight, things might be overlooked or the quality might start to suffer because there wasn't adequate training of the workers. Ask about management oversight, training, and the like so you know you'll be getting quality services with every visit.

What cleaning products do you use?

You might not like the smell of bleach, ammonia, and other harsh chemicals in your facility, so it's good to ask about these before you hire a company. They may give you discount if you provide your own materials, and this might be a better option if you're sensitive to certain products or don't like the environmental impact of these fluids and cleansers.