Two tips for office owners who've started using commercial cleaning services

Here are two tips for office owners who've recently started using the services of commercial cleaning companies.

They should express their expectations and give clear instructions to the cleaners

Office owners that have hired commercial cleaners must express their expectations and give these professionals clear instructions. For example, they should explain to the cleaners which parts of their office are the busiest (and, therefore, the dirtiest) and will need to be vacuumed, mopped or have their bin bags replaced multiple times a day, rather than just once a day.

If an office owner wants the areas around their expensive or fragile technology cleaned, they should also tell the cleaners what precautions to take when working near this technology to avoid damaging it. For example, if the floors near an expensive commercial printer need to be mopped regularly and the office owner is concerned about it sustaining water damage, they might advise the cleaners to minimise the amount of water they use on their mops and to keep the water-filled mop bucket far away from the printer (in case the bucket gets knocked over). Similarly, if any areas of the office are off-limits (such as, for example, a room used for storing confidential documents), the office owner should explain this to the cleaners and advise them if they'll need to ask permission to clean these areas or avoid cleaning them entirely. These conversations will ensure that the cleaners know what's expected of them, as well as how to go about thoroughly cleaning an office that they are not yet fully familiar with.

They should set up a cleaning cupboard for the cleaners' supplies

It's important for the office owner not to store the commercial cleaners' cleaning supplies in random free spaces around the office. Instead, they should have a cupboard that is used solely for the storage of these items. Ideally, this storage cupboard should be easy for the cleaners to access, without them having to walk through the busiest areas of the office (which could result in them unintentionally distracting or interrupting the activities of the employees).

It should also be well-ventilated; this will ensure that if, for example, a large bottle of a cleaning chemical springs a leak, the fumes will dissipate quickly. This is important in an office environment, where there could be dozens of employees who could have a reaction to these fumes. The cleaning cupboard should also have a stable moderate temperature, as some cleaning products may lose their potency or even evaporate if exposed to high temperatures for too long.

For more information, contact a local commercial cleaning service.