Cleaning Up After a Big Night

5 Ways Your Carpet Could be Making You Sick

25 Aug

Believe it or not, but no matter how clean your carpet may appear to the naked eye, it could be dirty enough to actually make you and anyone else in your household sick. When you really think about it, it isn’t surprising. Each time you go outside, you pick up all kinds of particles and […]

Soy Stained Carpets | 4 Actions To Get Rid Of Unsightly Soy Sauce Stains On Your Light Carpets

18 Jul

Light carpets are gorgeous when new, but they require more maintenance than darker toned carpets because they tend to display stains more easily. Nevertheless, if you’ve decided that visual appeal is your priority, then light carpets are just for you. If you’ve accidentally spilled soy sauce during a sushi devouring session on your light carpet, […]

3 Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning by Professionals

17 Jun

If you have a carpet, the closely-intertwined fibres provide perfect ground to hold dirt and germs which reduce the quality of indoor air, as well as increase the chances of triggering allergies or getting sick as a result. This is especially true for young families in homes that have both children and pets. Professional carpet […]

Tips To Help Understand Carpet Cleaning Machine Specifications And Their Significance

26 May

Understanding the features and specifications of carpet cleaning machines is indispensable when buying or renting a machine. Also, remember that the lifespan and effectiveness of a carpet cleaner will be influenced by its specification and features. Below is an explanation of key carpet cleaner machine specifications and features, which will help you buy or rent […]

A Guide to Maintaining a Clean and Hygienic Restaurant

18 Apr

When you open a new restaurant, you are rushed off your feet with hundreds of competing responsibilities, and your main focus is bound to be on the food and the customer experience. You should always remember, however, that without adequate sanitation and hygiene, you will have no restaurant to speak of. To make sure that […]

Easy Ways to Get Makeup Stains Out of Carpet

15 Apr

If you have carpeting in your home, you know the many ways you can get stains. While it is common to have red wine or spaghetti sauce spill on carpets, you also have the risk of spilling makeup. Unfortunately, this can happen whether you are applying your makeup or accidentally drop your favorite lipstick on […]

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Tips

14 Apr

In a busy household, your upholstery can take a real pounding, leaving your fabric upholstered furniture looking drab and grubby.  It’s a good idea to have your upholstery cleaned regularly by a professional cleaning company.  In the meantime, here are some tips on how to care for your fabric upholstered furniture. Don’t ignore it!  If […]