3 Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning by Professionals

If you have a carpet, the closely-intertwined fibres provide perfect ground to hold dirt and germs which reduce the quality of indoor air, as well as increase the chances of triggering allergies or getting sick as a result. This is especially true for young families in homes that have both children and pets. Professional carpet cleaning regularly can help to control this, and one of the popular methods is steam extraction.

This is an ideal method for heavily soiled carpets, such as where children and pets carry dirt from outside onto the carpet. It involves application of a thin, high-pressure mist of hot water to which carpet cleaning solution is added. The heat and solution clean out dirt and grime from carpet fibres, and these are sucked up by a strong vacuum to leave the carpet surface clean and dry. Below are some advantages of steam cleaning:

Gets inside the carpet to remove dirt

Just vacuuming and traditional foam cleaning or shampoo cleaning to remove stains is insufficient to get in between the fibres of the carpet to get to the accumulated dirt and grime therein. While these methods are important in between professional cleanings to prolong the life of the carpet, they are ineffective against dust mites, allergens, pollen, spores and disease-causing germs that can build up deep in your carpet fibres.

In a home with young children who are more susceptible to disease, deeper treatment is needed on a regular basis to remove the pollutants. During steam cleaning, the hot water mixed with chemicals is misted at high-pressure into the fibres, effectively removing dirt that had settled on the surface and elsewhere. An industrial grade vacuum is then used to suck out the water, now mixed with dirt, to ensure it dries quickly and remains clean.

Is effective against microbes

During steam cleaning/hot water extraction, the action of detergent in combination with heat can kill pathogens and microorganisms hidden within your carpet fibres. These include mould and mould spores, dust mites and bacteria among others. The strength of the vacuum can reach deep into the surface of the rug to draw out the smallest dirt and germ particles. When done professionally, very little soap and soil is left behind, which reduces chances of fast resoiling or growth of mildew, which is common when excess water is left in the carpet.

Strengthens carpet fibres

Regular hot-water extraction will prolong the lifespan of your carpet, provided it is carried out professionally. This will save you the cost of replacement of your high-quality rugs. It keeps the fibres looking cleaner and the carpet looking new for longer, so that you can get good service for your investment.