Soy Stained Carpets | 4 Actions To Get Rid Of Unsightly Soy Sauce Stains On Your Light Carpets

Light carpets are gorgeous when new, but they require more maintenance than darker toned carpets because they tend to display stains more easily. Nevertheless, if you've decided that visual appeal is your priority, then light carpets are just for you. If you've accidentally spilled soy sauce during a sushi devouring session on your light carpet, follow these immediate carpet cleaning actions to get rid of those unsightly stains.

Mix Hand Washing Detergent Together With Lukewarm Water

When you first spill the soy sauce on your carpet, mix a few drops of hand washing detergent immediately in a cup of lukewarm water. Keep mixing until foam is created. Avoid using hot water because this could end up shrinking the carpet fibres, which will cause an even bigger mess than the soy sauce stain.

Sponge The Stain With The Detergent Mixture

Use a light and soft sponge to dab over the soy sauce stain carefully. Avoid rubbing the stain because this could end up embedding it deeper into the carpet fibres, which then makes it harder to remove. Keep blotting until you notice the stain starting to lift from the carpet surface. This carpet cleaning step should be effective enough to lighten the stain substantially.

Prepare An Ammonia Solution And Apply It To The Carpet

Take roughly 60 mL of ammonia and mix it in a cup of water. Let the solution mix completely before applying it on the stain. Avoid mixing ammonia with bleach because this mixture creates dangerous fumes in your home, which can potentially cause health hazards. Bleach can also lighten and discolour your carpet, so it's best to stay away from it. When applying ammonia, blot it on the stain using the same sponge as before. The ammonia and water mixture for carpet cleaning should be enough to lift the soy sauce stain.

Dab Stained Area With Cold Water And Allow Carpet To Naturally Dry

Once you finish with the ammonia and water mixture, dab the stained area with cold water to remove any remnants from the carpet. Let the carpet dry naturally before using it once again. To dry the carpet naturally, open up your windows for proper ventilation in the room. Avoid using hairdryers and other artificial heaters on the carpet because they may cause the fibres to shrink.

If you've inadvertently spilled soy sauce on your light carpets, follow these immediate carpet cleaning actions to get rid of the stain as quickly as possible. In case you're unable to tackle the stain on your own, you may need assistance from professional carpet cleaners.