A Guide to Hoarder House Cleaning

One of your relatives, who was a hoarder, may have passed away, leaving behind a filthy house. You may not have time to clean it up or sort things out yourself because you are quite busy, stressed and grieving, or you might be wary of health risks the house may pose. Hiring deceased estate cleaning services is your best option. The following are important aspects you should consider when getting these services.

What Is Your Agenda with the Property?

You may have different reasons for wanting the house cleared up. Maybe you need something in the property but don't know where to start to find it, maybe you want to sell some items or maybe you want to sell the house itself. When you figure out what your reason is, you will be able to hire the right services.

You also want items of value safeguarded, including but not limited to jewellery, cash, family photos, antiques, collectibles and important documents, such as insurance policies. In some cases, you may want the cleaning to be done discreetly, maybe because of nosy neighbours or for other reasons. When hiring cleaning services, you will have to carefully select a reputable deceased estate cleaning company, and make sure you highlight all your requirements. That way the company will be able to meet your needs.

There are cleaners who specialise in various types of work. Sorting items, arranging for storage, disposing of items, repairing any damages, preparing the house for rent or moving in and even pest control.

Special Cases

There are special cases in which the death of the relative may have resulted from a health issue caused by the state of their living. There can be some hazardous materials in the house. In this case, you should seek the services of forensic cleaners who are experienced in handling contaminated premises.

The death of the relative does not have to be linked to the hoarding for you to require the services of forensic cleaners. You may want to get that extra touch of cleanliness, maybe because the mere sight of the premises makes you feel like some major illness is likely to come from it.

Forensic cleaners are accredited and insured to handle hazardous substances. Additionally, they will usually possess the experience in the standard services of sorting, storage and repairing. You will also be getting an extra service of sanitation and deep cleaning. Forensic cleaners will also deal with odours and leave the premises smelling fresh and ready to be lived in again.