Carpet Cleaning Questions: Is Pre-Vacuuming Important?

If you're talking to carpet cleaning companies, then they'll run you through what they do. As well as cleaning your carpets, companies also often offer other services, such as pre-vacuuming. While some companies bundle this into their general cleaning package, some charge extra for it. Is pre-vacuuming essential, and why can't you just do it yourself? Pre-Vacuuming Prepares Carpets for Cleaning Both wet and dry carpet cleaning processes remove dirt and dust.

Why Avoid DIY Rug and Upholstery Cleaning

Homeowners have many options for managing home repairs and cleaning projects on their own, including renting tools, power washers and rug cleaners from local hardware stores. While it might be tempting to rent such equipment and attempt your own household cleaning and repairs, you might note some reasons why it's good to avoid DIY rug and upholstery cleaning in your home. Using Too Much Water Many homeowners make the mistake of using too much water and then leaving lots of it behind after cleaning rugs or upholstery!

A Guide to Hoarder House Cleaning

One of your relatives, who was a hoarder, may have passed away, leaving behind a filthy house. You may not have time to clean it up or sort things out yourself because you are quite busy, stressed and grieving, or you might be wary of health risks the house may pose. Hiring deceased estate cleaning services is your best option. The following are important aspects you should consider when getting these services.

The Dos and Don'ts of Cleaning Fluids for Stage Floors

As performers traverse a stage throughout the day, the floor can become very dirty. A dirty floor isn't just gross and unsightly; it also puts performers at risk of making mistakes in their movement or suffering an injury. That's why it's important to keep your stage floor clean—and to do that, you need the right cleaning products. Here are two fluids you should never clean your stage with and one that you should.

Four Reasons to Have Your Wedding Dress Cleaned

As garment that is designed for one special occasion, your wedding dress may have been collecting nothing but dust since your big day. This can be a great shame for what was likely an expensive item of clothing. Left uncleaned, it will discolour over time, and you won't be able to use it. More and more Australian women are re-purposing or upcycling their wedding dresses. Before commencing on any of these ideas, hire the services of a professional wedding dress cleaning company to ensure the frock is in mint condition.